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Tips For Getting Married During A Pandemic

Your wedding day is something we all dream about. There are many engaged couples, who planned to be married in 2021. Venues have been booked, flowers and cakes ordered, save the dates mailed, and brides have said yes to the dress. However, with all the planning, no one planned to be getting married during these unprecedented times. Luckily, I’m here to help you plan for your special day during this global pandemic.


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) have advised people to limit gatherings to a small number of people. This impacts the guest list and the wedding party. If limiting the number of guests or wedding party is not an option for you, be sure to contact your venue immediately. In addition, mailing “Change the Date cards to your guests is a great idea, too!

However, if you are willing to downsize your wedding I have some great resources to help!

Venues: What to Know, What to Ask

Now that some venues are beginning to host ceremonies, it’s important to make sure you are aware of the guidelines in place to keep everyone safe. Here are a few questions to ask before reserving a venue:

  • Ask about the venue’s policy for cancellations and postponements. This includes cancellation fees, refunds, date changes, etc.

  • Be informed of the venue’s guest limit and protocols in place to respect social distancing.

  • Inquire about wedding insurance. Some vendors provide insurance, however it is still a good idea to make sure all ends are covered.

  • Is there a mask requirement? If so, are masks provided/included in the cost?

  • How will the food and beverages be handled?

  • Is there a policy on third-party vendors?

  • Is there an option to live stream the ceremony?

Wedding day vendors are super important! Here is a list of vendors that are important to helping make your special day everything you imagined it to be. I have created a list of vendors to consider and questions you may want to ask before signing a contract.

Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are responsible for making sure your wedding ceremony is exactly how you want it. It will be important to discuss how the wedding planner will be able to successfully fulfill your desires safely during a pandemic. They strive to make your wedding day the best day, assuring you are not figuring this out on your own.

Here are some questions to ask your wedding planner when planning or making changes to your wedding.

  • If I want to postpone, what are my options?

  • What is the wedding planner’s availability for rescheduling?

  • Are there any cancellation or rescheduling fees?

  • Can we create a contingency plan, just in case things change?


The photographer you choose to capture your most delicate moments is vital in remembering all the details of your special day. As a photographer, I have experienced first-hand the impact the pandemic has had on couples and my personal business. With many weddings being cancelled or postponed, I have had to adjust my schedule to be available. If you have already reserved your photographer/videographer it is important to review the cancellation policy in your contract and communicate availability for a future date. If you are needing to find a new photographer, here are some questions to ask before signing the dotted line:

  • What is your cancellation policy and what fees are included?

  • If I am to reschedule, can my deposit be transferred?

  • What is the refund policy?

  • Are you comfortable traveling for a destination wedding?

Makeup Artists

Wedding day glam is fun! Choosing the right makeup artist for your wedding day is important in making your vision come to life. During a pandemic, sanitation is the number one priority. Before your wedding day, be sure to discuss with your artists their sanitation techniques – agree on what will make everyone comfortable, and, most importantly, safe. Here are some points to touch on while interviewing your desired makeup artist:

  • How will you handle cleaning brushes between faces?

  • Are you comfortable wearing a mask?

  • If I need to reschedule, can my deposit be transferred?

  • Are you comfortable traveling for a destination wedding?


Flowers are important. Many florists have beautiful flowers that have been imported from around the world. Due to the pandemic, some countries have limited international shipments – which limits the availability of the flowers you may have had in mind. While meeting with your florist, here are some concerns worth mentioning:

  • Where are the flowers being imported from?

  • What is the contingency plan for shipment delays?

  • Are you able to help pick comparable flower arrangements based on availability?


Food, food, cake, and more food! After the ceremony, but before the party, it’s time to eat. With other people handling food, utensils, and drinks, there’s a level of sanitation concern. Here are some questions to ask your caterer:

  • How will you preserve and transport the food?

  • If having a buffet style, how will be food be served to ensure safety?

  • If a buffet is not available, how will you serve the food?

  • Are you able to wear a mask while serving?

  • If I need to reschedule, will the same wedding menu be available?

The Dress

Saying “yes to the dress” is a pivotal point in the wedding planning process. It’s a moment full of emotion, a peak of excitement. Typically, the bride-to-be will be so excited to invite her mother, sisters, and closest girlfriends to help her pick the perfect gown. However, times, and experiences, have temporarily changed. Bridal boutiques, like the rest of the businesses in our country, have guest limits to protect the safety of the employees and guests. It will be important to call ahead to the boutique to ask a few questions to make sure you are aware and comfortable with the environment. Be prepared with specific questions like the ones below:

  • Do you have this style of dress in stock?

  • How many guests do you allow in the store?

  • Are masks required?

  • What’s your procedure for alterations and sanitation?

These are just a couple of tips to get you thinking in the right direction of how to move forward. If you have any tips feel free to comment below! =)

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