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The Wedding Playlist

Tunes to get you, your I-do crew, and your partner energized to be in front of my camera

The E-Session Playlist

A compilation of songs that will set the tone for your engagement session. I curated these songs to help my couples loosen up, have fun and most importantly feel flirtatious. The best images are the ones where the raw emotion is present and this playlist is meant to bring out just that.

The Bridal Suite Playlist

So we've made it to the big day! After a couple of rounds of mimosas, you need a playlist to match the energy. Here is a playlist of songs that is sure to get the room live and ready to pose in front of the camera. Enjoy this mix of tunes from the early 2000's all the way to the present day.

The Grooms Suite Playlist

Typically the groomsmen are just sitting around waiting for their turn to hop in front of the camera. I've even witnessed a party of groomsmen playing 2k before the wedding (don't worry I didn't tell the bride). So I made this playlist with the groomsmen in mind. A little laid back, a little street, but a lot of energy.

The First Look Playlist

When you are in the middle of your first look you are not trying to focus on the lyrics your focus is on your partner. This romantic playlist was made with the first look in mind. Most of the song's lyrics are toned down and the melody takes the forefront leaving you and your finance at the center stage

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