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Hi, Im Temilola

My friends call me Temi and I am the lead photographer for Temilola Ajibulu Photo. I shoot luxury weddings and portraits for the bold, fun modern client!

Im a City Girl

I'm a proud Nigerian who grew up in North Carolina who is now a transplant in the heart of New York City.


Ten Things About Me

1. I love changing my hairstyle

2. Red lipstick is my fave!

#RubyWoo #FeelSoGrand

3. I am a solo world traveler

4. My top three favorite movies are:

Interstellar, Crash, and Babel

5. Besides Hip Hop, R+B and Afrobeats I love listening to movie scores

(Hans Zimmer is my favorite composer)

6. I love to dance

(I’m normally the first person on the dance floor)

7. I have 4 academic degrees

8. Holistic wellness is one of my passions

9. I love to laugh and crack jokes

10. I am proud Nigerian
(First Generation American)


How Did I Get Here?

People are always surprised when I tell them I have 4 degrees and that my first degree is in biology? So how did I end up here?


Well, it all started when I was 11 years old.


On a trip to Disney World, my father gave me his camera to take normal family vacation pictures. And little did he know I took pictures of everything but my siblings and my parents. Soon as my father saw the developed film from that trip I was officially off camera duty.


But that moment ignited a fire in me, that was the day I fell in love with storytelling, not through words but through photography. 

But being the daughter of immigrants. I felt a sense of duty to follow the stereotypical route to success. So whenever I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I automatically screamed “DOCTOR!”. And my life slowly but surely molded to fit that path.


But deep in my heart, I knew I had a passion for storytelling.

So FOUR degrees and a lot of life experiences later I’m back on the path that was always meant for me.


There is no better feeling than to be able to do what you love. Telling stories is my fire. I live for documenting the energy and raw emotions that will be able to tell stories for generations.

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